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17 November 2020

A. Mattey Stereoscopes

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A. Mattey Stereoscopes - Black & White Photography and Stereoscopy Blog

Stéréoscopes A. Mattey was one of the largest manufacturers of stereoscopes. Little is known about the company. A catalog, invoice and cheque reveal something about its history.

8 July 2020

Métascope Unis France

Category: Stereoscopes   Tags: Mattey / Unis France
Métascope Unis France - Black & White Photography and Stereoscopy Blog

A Métascope multi-view table stereoscope for viewing 45x107mm glass stereoviews by Unis France, one of the trademarks of Mattey from Paris.

3 August 2019

Mattey Revolving Stereoscope

Mattey Revolving Stereoscope - Black & White Photography and Stereoscopy Blog

Last month I've acquired my second table stereoscope. It's a beautiful late 19th century deluxe rotary viewer, built by the French manufacturer Mattey. This multiple-view device supports paper and glass stereo views in both 45x107 and 6x13 formats.