André Ruiter Historic Landscapes

October 2, 2020

Bronneger, Drenthe, The Netherlands

Project: Megaliths
Hunebed D21
Hunebed D21

Today I will start a new photo project about the Hunebedden in The Netherlands. "Hunebed" is the Dutch name for "Dolmen", a prehistoric megalithic tomb. The idea came to me while I was working on my project Fliegerhorst. The former airfield Fliegerhorst Havelte In Drenthe is also the site of two large burial chambers.

In 2019 I completed all my remaining projects and now it's time for something new. After ten years it's nice to work on a project that is not related to war.

The 54 Dutch dolmens have been researched and indexed by the archaeologist Albert Egges van Giffen (1884-1973). 52 are located in the province of Drenthe and are indexed with a number and the prefix D (for Drenthe). This morning I visited the numbers D21 to D25 which are located close to the village of Bronneger. To my surprise it was misty when I arrived, which is a good start of the project.