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La Photo Pour Tous

August 4, 2020
La Photo Pour Tous - B&W photographer and collector of antique photographica
I recently found a collection of French photo magazines from the 1920s and 1930s on eBay. I thought it would be fun to see how people experienced photography at the time. The collection contains two editions of La Photo Pour Tous. This magazine was published by Henri Plait of Photo-Plait.

I wrote about Henry Plait and his successful photography store in a previous post about stereoviews of the First World War. After the war, he started publishing La Photo Pour Tous ("Photo For Everyone"). Undoubtedly, the goal was to get people excited about photography and encourage readers to buy products from Photo-Plait.

At the beginning of the 20th century, photography was very popular in France. Compact, affordable and easy to use cameras brought photography within reach of almost every amateur. Many photo magazines circulated, like: La Revue Française de Photographie et de Cinématographie, Photo-Revue and Revue Photo Cinéma.

La Photo Pour Tous
Edition from January 1930

The first edition of La Photo Pour Tous was published in 1923 and the magazine appeared until the outbreak of the Second World War. The richly illustrated magazine had 20 pages and was published monthly to subscribers. It covered both photography and cinema. Henri Plait hesitated reviving the magazine after the war, but the magazine would not be published again.

I have two editions from January 1930 and August 1931. It's interesting to see that the photo magazines of the 1930s do not differ much from today's magazines. They contain articles about technique and composition, special articles for the novice photographer and of course a lot of advertisements. The edition from January 1930 contains some photos which are printed on special photo paper. It may be photos submitted by subscribers.

La Photo Pour Tous
Photo printed on photo paper, edition from 1930

Although the popularity of stereoscopy began to decline in the 1920s, stereo photography is still well represented. The August 1931 edition includes an article on stereo photography and both editions feature various advertisements of stereoscopes and stereo cameras from manufactures like Gaumont, Mattey, Jules Richard, Planox and Carl Zeiss Jena.

La Photo Pour Tous
The back cover was for Photo-Plait, edition August 1931


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