André Ruiter Historic Landscapes

September 4, 2021

Calais, France

Project: Atlantikwall
Batterie Oldenburg - B&W photographer and collector of antique photographica

My visit to Batterie Oldenburg was short-lived. I had spent a long time on the beach at Leffrinckoucke and still had a long drive to reach Normandy. There is much to discover in the Calais area and I will definitely return here. Before I left for Normandy I took this picture of a bunker on the road to the battery. It's a telephony bunker with an original steel door. Such doors are quite rare, especially in bunkers that are so close to a main road.

September 4, 2021

Leffrinckoucke, France

Project: Atlantikwall
Leffrinckoucke - B&W photographer and collector of antique photographica

The battery on the beach at Leffrinckoucke was initially a disappointment. The concrete bunkers were heavily painted with graffiti so it was impossible to shoot good images. I really hate graffiti because the (most of the time) ugly paintings are very distracting from the actual subject I want to capture. I walked a little further and my eye fell on some small concrete structures, which probably have been observation posts. They were very photogenic and my mood changed immediately. The soft light was perfect and I was able to create some good images.

September 3, 2021

Middelkerke, Flanders, Belgium

Project: Atlantikwall
Feldbatterie Bamburg - B&W photographer and collector of antique photographica

Today my journey to Normandy and Brittany begins. The main objective is to photograph the imposing megaliths of Carnac. I will follow the route along the Atlantic coast so that I can also photograph a number of Atlantikwall fortifications. The first stop is Feldbatterie Bamburg near Middelkerke. It's an interesting site because the battery is still almost intact. The bunkers are located in a nature reserve and are unfortunately surrounded by fences. The light was also very hard due to the bright afternoon sun. Nevertheless, I am very pleased with this image of a bunker that was blown up when the German troops left the battery. The crack in the concrete and the weathering on the wall make it an interesting composition. I chose a 25mm lens to include a bit of horizon in the image.

July 18, 2021

Anloo, Drenthe, The Netherlands

Project: Megaliths
Wake up early - B&W photographer and collector of antique photographica

It's a 1,5 hour drive from my hometown to the dolmens in Drenthe. There was a possibility of fog at dawn and I decided to take the chance. I woke up at 3am and at 4am I was heading for Drenthe. Fog in the summer usually disappears quickly after sunrise. I drove to Anloo and after a short walk I arrived at hunebed D11. A thin layer of fog covered the fields and disappeared after an hour. I'm very pleased with this image. It was worth the trip and getting up early.

July 10, 2021

Gasteren, Drenthe, The Netherlands

Project: Megaliths
Hunebed D10 - B&W photographer and collector of antique photographica

When I arrived most of the fog was already gone. This dolmen is located in a beautiful landscape, but I couldn't capture the atmosphere I was looking for. After some fruitless attempts, I decided to go home and return another time. As I walked away and looked back, the sun broke through and the light was scattered by the mist. I chose a 85mm lens to isolate the dolmen and capture it against the background of the trees.