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Cabinet Card ~ Boy with Stereoscope

January 20, 2021
Cabinet Card ~ Boy with Stereoscope - B&W photographer and collector of antique photographica
In my hunt for photos of "people with a stereoscope" I've added a new item to my collection. It's an American Cabinet Card from c. 1880 with an image of a little boy and a stereoscope.

The Cabinet Card supplanted the smaller Carte de Visite which was very popular in the 1860s. The card was also introduced in the 1860s but reached its peak popularity in the 1880s and became the most popular form of portraiture. Its popularity waned in the 1890s but it kept its place and the last Cabinet Cards were produced in the 1930s.

The Cabinet Card consisted of a thin photograph mounted on a card typically measuring 10,8 x 16,5cm. The advantage over the smaller Carte de Visite was that it could include the photographer's logo and decorations and it was large enough to be easily viewed from across the room.

This card shows a little boy with a Holmes-Bates stereoscope on the left. There is probably no relationship between the boy and the stereo viewer. These objects are called "props" and were used for decoration.

The name of the photo studio is shown below the image: E.L. George Jamestown, N.Y. The back shows a handwritten text with (most likely) the name of the boy in the photo:

Raymond Hart Morgan
Born March 17, 1876
Died Dec 3, 1945

Based on this text, the photo was taken in the early 1880s.

Cabinet Card - Boy with Stereoscope