12 January 2015

What I Don't Like About My Epson R3000

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Don’t get me wrong: I really like my Epson R3000. The printer is capable of making high quality prints, but it has a nasty habit. Once in a while it spoils a lot of expensive ink.

When a printer hasn’t been used for a while (let’s say two or three weeks) there is a possibility that the head nozzles are dried out. It’s called clogging. To resume printing you’ll have to clean the printer head, otherwise your prints look terrible. While cleaning the head the printer consumes ink, so it’s better to keep the ink flowing and prevent clogging.

I start with a Nozzle Check before every print session to be sure that my print head is clean. Even if you print regularly there’s always a possibility of clogging. When it happened to me a year ago I started a head cleaning cycle and finished with a Nozzle Check. The head was clean again and I started making my prints.

Then it happened: after a couple of prints the printer started automatically another full head cleaning cycle. It repeated this behavior two times, so during a print session with 20 prints it performed three unnecessary and costly head cleaning cycles. Then it stopped and everything was back to normal, but you can imagine how my ink levels looked like. This same behavior occurs after a swap from Photo Black to Matte Black ink.

I updated the driver and firmware and performed a reset to factory settings to solve the problem, but nothing seems to work. I contacted Epson’s Customer Service and they suggested disabling automatic head cleaning. It’s quit sad that Epson’s Customer Service don’t know their products. They should know that it’s not possible to disable automatic head cleaning on the R3000. I’m a bit disappointed by Epson and I’m not sure I will choose Epson again when my R3000 needs replacement.

Epson ink level

Google tells me that I’m not the only one with this problem, but Epson doesn’t solve the problem. It should be possible to disable automatic head cleaning with a firmware update.

I print at least every week and I don’t print much on matte paper. It has been a while my printer showed its nasty habit, but when a Nozzle Check reveals clogging in the future, I know I'll have to buy new ink...