7 January 2015

Tecco Baryt Ivory Fine Art Paper

Category: Printing   Tags: Paper

I discovered a new fine art paper. I usually print my black and white images on Ilford Gold Fibre Silk, but sometimes I feel the need to try something new. I dug into my sample packs and found two sheets of Tecco Baryt Ivory 290 gsm. After two test prints I was pleasantly surprised.

Baryt Ivory is a fiber-based paper with a warm tone and a satin, textured surface. The warm tone gives black and white prints a classic look and the subtle texture holds details very well. The paper feels like a classic rag paper. This is very different from Gold Fibre Silk, which feels a bit like plastic. Baryt Ivory is acid-free and doesn’t contain any Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs).

The only limitation is the maximum density, which isn’t very high. Blacks aren’t as black as on Gold Fibre Silk. I measure a Dmax of 1.90 while Gold Fibre Silk measures 2.23. For me that’s not a problem, but it’s something to keep in mind. Personally I think that the lower Dmax contributes to the classic look of this paper.

The Epson R3000 handles the paper well. Because of the satin surface it’s treated as a glossy paper. I use the back feeder with paper settings: Paper Thickness 3 and Platen Gap Wide. No head strikes so far.

Baryt Ivory isn’t widely available. I ordered my paper at Benel. They usually don’t have this Tecco paper in stock, but they can deliver it within three weeks and provide excellent service.

I’m very happy with this fine art paper. Baryt Ivory gives my black and white prints a warm touch and its classic look and feel makes it very suitable for creating boxed portfolios.