19 October 2019

The Photographer of Fort Tavannes

Category: Stereoscopy   Tags: LSU / SPA / Stereoviews / Verdun / WWI
The Photographer of Fort Tavannes - André Ruiter Photography

Most French stereoviews with images of the First World War contain a short description of the image. In best case, it describes the place, subject and a year. However, most descriptions are brief and sometimes even incorrect. This makes it difficult to find out more about the story behind the image.

28 May 2019

Stereoscopy, how it all started

Category: Stereoscopy   Tags: LSU / Stereoviews / Verdun
Stereoscopy,  how it all started - André Ruiter Photography

This month I looked for the first time through the lenses of my Zeiss Ikon 628/8 stereoscope. I viewed an image of the Battle of Verdun and the visual experience and 3D effect made a big impression on me. A new passion was born.

2 November 2017

Bois de la Laufée

Verdun, France
Category: Historic Landscapes   Tags: Verdun / WWI
Bois de la Laufée - André Ruiter Photography