19 October 2019

The Photographer of Fort Tavannes

Category: Stereoscopy   Tags: LSU / SPA / Stereoviews / Verdun / WWI
The Photographer of Fort Tavannes - André Ruiter Photography

Most French stereoviews with images of the First World War contain a short description of the image. In best case, it describes the place, subject and a year. However, most descriptions are brief and sometimes even incorrect. This makes it difficult to find out more about the story behind the image.

5 October 2019

Stereoviews for dear little Robert

Category: Stereoscopy   Tags: Paris-Stéréo / Stereoviews / WWI
Stereoviews for dear little Robert - André Ruiter Photography

I'm collecting glass stereoviews only but recently I couldn’t resist purchasing a box of paper views with images from the First World War. It’s a collection of 12 images in 8,5x17 format, produced by Paris-Stéréo.

29 September 2019

Photo-Plait sells L.S.U.

Category: Stereoscopy   Tags: LSU / Photo-Plait / Stereoviews / WWI
Photo-Plait sells L.S.U. - André Ruiter Photography

I found a catalog from 1918 by Photo-Plait from Paris. This photography store sold stereoviews of the First World War. To my surprise, the numbers in the catalogue correspond to the numbers on the slides of La Stéréoscopie Universelle. It establishes the link between producer and seller.

14 September 2019

A Haunting Image by SDV

Category: Stereoscopy   Tags: LSU / SDV / Stereoscope / Stereoviews / WWI
A Haunting Image by SDV - André Ruiter Photography

I've extended my collection with an interesting set of 50 glass 45x107 stereoviews and a simple stereoscope. The stereoviews are published by the Service des Ventes de l'U.N.C. (SDV).

11 August 2019

Fort de Troyon

Fort de Troyon - André Ruiter Photography

When searching for stereoviews to extend my collection, I always pay special attention to images of sites I’ve visited while working on my photo projects. I was delighted to found a slide of Fort de Troyon. It brings back good memories of my visit to this fort in 2015.