11 March 2019


Schratzmännele, Vosges, France
Category: Historic Landscapes   Tags: WWI
Schratzmännele - André Ruiter Photography
28 February 2019

Flugplatz Bergen

Bergen, The Netherlands
Category: Historic Landscapes   Tags: WWII
Flugplatz Bergen - André Ruiter Photography
25 January 2019

Fliegerhorst Venlo

Straelen, Germany
Category: Historic Landscapes   Tags: WWII
Fliegerhorst Venlo - André Ruiter Photography
14 November 2018

Drei Franzosen

Le Petit Donon, Vosges, France
Category: Historic Landscapes   Tags: WWI
Drei Franzosen - André Ruiter Photography

Le Petit Donon is one of the northern summits of the Vosges Mountains. In 1914 a short but fierce battle took place between the German and French armies. It ended with a German victory.

The dead were buried on the mountain in individual or collective graves, marked by wooden crosses. In 1916, corporal Ludwig Gebhardt was commissioned by the German military command to replace the crosses with steles engraved on sandstone blocks. Each stele includes a serial number, regimental number, rank and name of the buried (if known).

After the war the bodies were reburied at other cemeteries. The many steles remained and can be found around the summit.

6 October 2018

Reclaimed by the Sea

Vigsø, Jutland, Denmark
Category: Historic Landscapes   Tags: Atlantikwall / WWII
Reclaimed by the Sea - André Ruiter Photography