16 March 2019

Feste Bleibtreu

Le Pain de Sucre, Vosges, France
Category: Historic Landscapes   Tags: WWI
Feste Bleibtreu - André Ruiter Photography

During World War I, the German army used the peaks in the Vosges Mountains as observation posts. Le Pain de Sucre is a rock formation at 671 meters near the village of Celles-Sur-Plaine. It dominates the Vallée de La Plaine and faces Col de la Chapelotte. The Germans strengthened its position with fortifications and called it “Feste Bleibtreu”, named after one of its commanding officers.

On 1 August 1916, French troops tried to conquer the peak. The distance to the top is only one kilometre, but the steep slopes proved very difficult terrain. The German defenders soon noticed the French progressing through the barbwire and they bombed them with grenades. Under heavy fire, the French commander ordered to retreat.

15 March 2019

Kronprinz Abri

Forêt de Parroy, Emberménil, France
Category: Historic Landscapes   Tags: WWI
Kronprinz Abri - André Ruiter Photography
11 March 2019


Schratzmännele, Vosges, France
Category: Historic Landscapes   Tags: WWI
Schratzmännele - André Ruiter Photography
28 February 2019

Flugplatz Bergen

Bergen, The Netherlands
Category: Historic Landscapes   Tags: WWII
Flugplatz Bergen - André Ruiter Photography
25 January 2019

Fliegerhorst Venlo

Straelen, Germany
Category: Historic Landscapes   Tags: WWII
Fliegerhorst Venlo - André Ruiter Photography