Bluie East Two - eBook

Bluie East Two

Impressions of an abandoned airfield in Greenland

eBook with 13 black & white images and historical context

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About the eBook

During World War II the United States established a number of airfields in Greenland. They all shared the codename “Bluie”. Bluie East Two was an airfield and weather station at Ikateq in East Greenland.

The airfield was operational from 1942 and used by the United States Air Force. Because of the close mountains and strong winds it never played a prominent role during the war. It was mainly used for navigation, search-and-rescue operations and meteorology.

After the war the airfield lost its strategic importance and the site was evacuated in 1947. Most of the equipment was left behind, including thousands of fuel drums. These remnants still pollute the area today.

In August 2009 I spent my holiday in East Greenland. There are not many roads there, so I joined several boat trips to explore the region. One trip was heading to the Knut Rasmussen glacier and would include two stops. The first stop appeared to be Bluie East Two. I didn’t know anything about the airfield and was overwhelmed by the first impressions.

We stayed there for just one hour, which was way too short for me. The rusting vehicles in the remote landscape created a surreal sight. I searched for the most interesting objects and composed my shots without using a tripod. I tried to make the most out of the limited time.