August 16, 2018

Bluie East Two

Ikateq, Greenland
Bluie East Two

Today it's nine years ago I visited the abandoned WWII airfield Bluie East Two in Greenland. It was part of a boattrip to the Knut Rasmussen glacier and I didn’t know anything about the airfield and its history. This visit came as a complete surprise. We stayed there for two hours, which was way too short for me. I was so impressed by the place that I whished I could stay there for the rest of the day. The rusting vehicles in this remote and desolate landscape created a surreal sight.

After returning home I started collecting information about the airfield. Resources were limited, but I learned something about the presence of the United States in Greenland during World War II. Although I regret the pollution caused by the remnants of the airfield, its unknown and fascinating story inspired me.

My trip to Bluie East Two was a memorable one and it moved me into the direction of photographing historic landscapes.

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