Bluie East 2
Rusting fuel drums at Bluie East 2

Bluie East 2

During World War II the United States were responsible for the defense of Greenland. They established a number of bases with the codename Bluie. Bluie East 2 (BE-2) was an airfield at Ikateq near Angmagssalik on the east coast of Greenland. The airfield was used by the US Air Force and was operational from 1942 to 1947. It was mainly used for search-and-rescue operations and it served as a weather station. Bluie East 2 was closed down in 1947 and the Americans left most of the equipment behind (including 3,000 drums of fuel!). The landing strip remained in use for ad-hoc air operations but the site quickly fell in decline.

In 2009 I spent 9 days in Greenland. I visited Bluie East 2 as part of a boat trip to the Knud Rasmussen glacier. The stop at the former airfield only lasted ninety minutes, but it was an unforgettable experience. The rusting fuel drums and vehicles in the remote landscape of Greenland created a surreal sight. I considered for a moment to stay and ask the skipper to pick me up on the way back. Given the remoteness of the site and lack of communication this seemed not a good idea.

Ninety minutes was too short for this impressive site, nevertheless I'm happy with my images and I look back with pleasure on my visit to Bluie East 2.

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