About André Ruiter

André Ruiter

André Ruiter (Putten, 1972) is a Dutch photographer specialised in conceptual black & white photography.

In 2009 and 2010 he studied at the Fotovakschool (school of photography). During his study he completed his first photo project. He graduated with the project Water as a Weapon. After graduating he continued working on project-based conceptual photography. His projects are based on historic themes and he has a special interest in 19th century fortifications. At the moment he is working on three projects about to the western front of the First World War.

After seeing the exhibition The Family And The Land of Sally Mann he decided to focus entirely on black & white photography. He prefers soft light and uses mist to create atmospheric images.

André lives in Putten, a town surrounded by the woodlands of nature reserve De Veluwe. He considers these woodlands as his backyard. He is a passionate traveler and his projects bring him to inspiring places like Greenland, Orkney and the Argonne forest and Vosges mountains in France.


  • 2013 – A story about Grebbelinie 1940 was published in the magazine Grebbelinie in Beeld
  • 2011 – A story about Bluie East 2 was published in the magazine Keep Them Rolling
  • 2011 – A story about Grebbelinie 1940 was published in the magazine Grebbelinie in Beeld
  • 2011 – Online interview on Photography Office about The Historic Landscape
  • 2010 – Photos of Guardians of Concrete were exhibited in forts of the New Dutch Water Line
  • 2010 – Photos of Water as a Weapon are part of an educational exhibition at Fort Honswijk

Social media

André shares on Instagram photos of his projects, travels and landscapes. On Twitter he posts about photography, travel, social media and webdesign. A collection of his work is sold on Werk aan de Muur (Dutch website).